Illuminations Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

Illuminations by Bright Ideas Press; Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

Christin Slade of
It’s important to me for a course of study to have a strong Literature, Writing, and History backbone. I am very, very happy with the richness of the literature offered in Bright Idea Press’ Illuminations curriculum. We are currently going through Illuminations 1, and my 11-year old daughter always looks forward to reading the literature readings.
I am a sucker for colorful things and this schedule just screams USE ME all over it!
Not only is it beautifully colored, it has all been filled out with the lesson plans, every week, for the entire year! Talk about a sanity saver! And no worries if you want to use a different writing program or Grammar curriculum or anything else different. You can type right over the text. What’s better? If you delete your text, the original will come right back. So nothing is lost!
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Karen of The Fruit of Her Hands
I have really enjoyed the literature selections this year.  They have all been really interesting and they are not books that I ever would have picked out myself.  I have been extremely happy with them. See more…
Mommy of Many Bentz’s
This is exactly the way I would schedule and plan – if I only had the time! I love to pull together various resources and come up with an integrated program that all flows together. But, with 8 kiddos and a home to run – I run out of time and energy to do this. Illuminations is the answer! See more…
Joy in Our Journey
The weekly lesson plans for Illuminations are presented in a very easy-to-use format.  Most of the school day subjects are laid out lesson by lesson, week by week, so the parent doesn’t need to do additional lesson planning except for math and art. See more…
Live to Read to Live
I am utterly thrilled with this product. The family read alouds that helped illuminate our history studies have been out of this world. See more…
Chai Mommy
Now I must confess that while I don’t generally like being told what to do{Ahem}, yet I really like the idea of a structured program “doing the work” for me by laying everything out, day by day. See more…





I feel so blessed to have found this curriculum, it’s unabashedly Christian, well formatted, teaches history chronologically, integrates living books, pre-planned, comprehensive, uses non-consumable materials, and is multi-age. After having looked over several well-known history programs, this is the one I’ve always dreamed of!

– Jennifer



I just love it! The overall feel of Illuminations IS structured, yet the lessons within each subject emphasize hands-on activities and videos and reading aloud…making things. This curriculum is a wonderful blend of fun and function. Throughout this experience, I have really enjoyed having the customizable schedule “grid” at my fingertips. With a click of a button, I change or update my schedule plans.  I want to say that I am incredibly impressed with their literature choices and study guides.

– Quinn

I have been homeschooling for 13 years and spent thousands of dollars on curriculum, trying to find a program like Illuminations
I have 11 children (ages 17 and under), and we are dairy farmers. Obviously, my time is tight, but with Illuminations‘ study guide and scheduler,  in just one evening I was able to pull out the books, plan homeschool lessons for all 7 children and be ready to start school in the morning. Amazing!
Your teacher manuals are fabulous because they are full of information yet fast to read and easy to understand.  I have tried so many curricula that claim to work with multiple grade levels at once, but I have never been successful at it until Illuminations.  Usually by the end of the first day of school, I am already sick because I know what I have planned is unrealistic.  Not this year!  Our school days have been attainable, fun, and efficient.  We love it! 

– Sandi Rux