Breakfast Boards for Homeschool Learning

Breakfast Boards for Homeschool Learning

Every once in awhile I stumble on a new idea that really gets me excited! Have you heard about breakfast boards? After observing that in the morning my children will read anything laying on the kitchen table (including the cereal box multiple times) the idea behind the breakfast board really took off for me.

Breakfast board
The Breakfast Board concept is simple: it is a way of presenting information in a visually appealing manner. Pull it out daily for the kids to look at over breakfast and then store it away.My middle son knows that in the morning as part of his breakfast chores he is to set up the board on the table. As my kids eat, they read the board. Then after breakfast it is folded up and put away for another day.

Breakfast Board
They read anyway at breakfast. But now they are reading and memorizing information that I choose in advance. So far this has been a fabulous and simple addition to our morning routine.

Here is how I made mine.

Materials needed:

  • Display board
  • Page protectors
  • Index cards
  • Card stock
  • Envelopes
  • Maps, vocabulary words, spelling lists, math facts, history facts, this day in history, any multiple of information
  • Markers and stickers

I would suggest choosing a theme for your board.  I chose American History and Things my Kids Need to Remember.

On my American History panel I put:

  • Map of the U.S.A
  • Map of the world
  • Explorers info and challenge cards
  • List of states and capitals.
  • U. S Presidents and their terms

On my Things my Kids Need to Remember panel I put:

  • Current weeks spelling words
  • List of Prepositions
  • Math facts (usually one addition and one multiplication)
  • Calendar with this day in history facts

I used red and blue card stock to back some of my different lists.

Breakfast Board
I used page protectors to slide in things that will change like the calendar and maps.  I cut up a page protector into 4 pieces and taped them closed except one end.

Breakfast Board
Then it is just about the right size to slide in an index card.  On the index cards I wrote the math facts I wanted them to work on. My goal is to update it once a month with new information.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m not great at this craftsy stuff, but love the idea. Could you post pictures of the entire board? (i.e. all three panels?)

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