Frizzled? Frazzled? Just …

I used to be so frazzled. I mean SO frazzled. If life had been my hair, I wouldn’t have known which strand to put conditioner on first.

Too much, just TOO much” became my mantra. And I didn’t like it.

So, what did I do?  More, of course!

And then came The Advice. It was one of those bits of advice that entices us to crawl into it like a sleeping bag.

Just do the next thing.

Next Step

That was The Advice.

Sounding too simple for functionality – why do I like to complicate everything? – I did try it.

When I felt more overloaded than a baked potato, I would just do the next thing. And a lot got done.

Try it this week.

Instead of frazzling and frizzing, try just doing the next thing.

If you don’t have a next thing, think about what you’ve been wanting to do, and do that. Maybe something like: teach my children 6 x 6 = 36. Anything to get you thinking about a next thing.

And let me know how it goes.

Come back next time and I’ll tell you about installing a zipper in your sleeping bag of next things.

Fluttering by for now,


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  1. says

    I had the privilege of hearing Elisabeth Elliot speak many years ago, and this was her exact advice! I had forgotten it for a long time, and then a couple years ago, my soul covered in panic and depression, God reminded me of her story. What was she to do? Her husband was slaughtered with other men, the women were now there by themselves with young children. I think her child was two, if I remember correctly. She decided she could do the next thing. So she got out of her bed and made it.

    Great advice, and I love the way you wrote it! :)

    • says

      Yes, Jenny! I believe the woman who shared the truth with me read it in an Elizabeth Eliot book – you connected the fuzzy dots for me! :-)

      I love how God pulls from here and there to keep us going on with Him. And then He brings His truth full circle to help another along the path of Next Things.

      I did a little NT’ing myself today! And have a lot more to do!

      One NT at a time …

      Fluttering by for now,
      AKA SuzBee


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