Mini Folderbooks

On my birthday awhile back, the ladies in the office (knowing my love of Folderbooks) joked about how they were going to make me a Folderbook birthday card. They laughed. I laughed . . .  and then the wheels started spinning!

What would a Folderbook birthday card look like? A mini book with a picture of me with a ‘lift the flap” to see me in 30 years? (Yikes!) Would it include the top 5 places I leave my cell phone? Or my favorite coffee and Gluten Free snacks?


After a few more jokes, I began to visualize how I could make mini Folderbooks for school projects. Here is what I came up with:


  • 2 pieces of 8 ½ by 11 copy or construction paper in blue (or color of choice) to make the folder.
  • Several pieces of white copy paper for the mini-books.
  • Pictures to include on your topic of choice. (A quick search on Google Images provided us with plenty.)


  • Fold the blue paper in half so it has a ‘guideline’ in the middle.
  • Then fold each side to meet in the middle.
  • Once the 2 pieces are folded, glue them together.
  • I then eyeballed what size mini books would fit on the flaps and folded and cut them out.

While using Christian Kids Explore Biology my daughter needed to do a report on the human body. She chose to research the effects of smoking on the lungs. Now she has all her research and information neatly contained in a mini Folderbook!


My boys are learning about the colonies in All American History Jr.


They decided to do a Folderbook on Jamestown. This time instead of copy paper I used construction paper to make it sturdier. I folded it half to get a guideline, and then folded each side to meet in the middle just like I would do with a file folder. But instead of putting 2 pieces together I used one.


I decided to use their coloring page for the lesson on the back of the Folderbook. We found that ABC stickers make a great looking title!

We spent an afternoon making these. It was quick, fun, and now DONE! Whooot!

Try one and let us know how it turned out. We’d love to see your pictures too.



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  1. says

    I like this idea a lot. One day and done or a couple days if research is involved and done the project. We have done a lapbook for Father’s Day, but not for a birthday. You have my wheels turning… where and when do I want to do my first Mini Folderbook with my son???

  2. Maggie says

    I love that it is a fast project that is actually worthwhile in both the doing of it and the using of later (for review). I was never a fan of long, drawn out activities. Too easy to lose interest or just get distracted and never finish it. Thanks Stacey!

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