Meet the Team

familysmMaggie Hogan

“Since I’m doing the introducing, I suppose I should start with myself. I am the visionary, the dreamer, the planner of too many new products. Encouraging moms is my passion. We  home schooled for many years—I’ve been there! Now I write, speak internationally, read constantly, travel anywhere, love on my husband & grand-daughters. I am a word-nerd,  poetry geek, Star Trek fan, ocean lover, and follower of Christ. And I’m so happy to meet you!

Bob Hogan

My loving and patient husband, Bob, recently retired after 35 years with the government. Now he fills his time serving at church, as well as doing all the bookkeeping for our businesses and several nonprofit organizations. He supports my whims and idiosyncrasies while trying to keep me grounded (truly, no easy task). In his free time, he loves playing with our granddaughters, reading creation science books, scuba diving, and traveling.


jbchristyJB & Christy Hogan

Our older son, JB, is a writer based in California. He enlisted in the Army in 2001 and served five years with the 3rd Infantry Division. Out of his experiences in Iraq came his first book, From Basic to Baghdad: A Soldier Writes Home. Brilliant, witty, and slightly eccentric, he also put his writing gifts to work for our e-book, Writer’s Co-op. He is married to Christy Barr Hogan, a marvelous, funny, animal-loving, Tolkien fanatic whom we’ve known since she was a teeny little five-year-old. They have two fantastic sons, Edge and Calvin.


tylerhelenTyler & Helen Hogan

Our younger son Tyler, is now President of Bright Ideas Press. He’s a graduate of Belhaven University, holding a degree in Theatre Ministry. Tyler works with our authors and editor to create and develop products. He’s even published a few of his own, like North Star Geography,WonderMaps, and Civitas, the government card game. He also runs the intern program. We’re so glad to see how the Lord is using him here! Tyler is married to homeschool graduate, Helen, a quiet, kind, artistic, gentle soul who also happens to have her first-degree black belt! She also does some writing and drawing for us. They have three adorable little girls, Kaylee, Avalon, Sierra, and one son, Aiden. We will soon be training Kaylee in Customer Service duties. (We totally believe in nepotism.)


Rick and BethBeth Barr

When you call us, you will probably reach Beth Barr, our Director of Logistics. Besides being our pastor’s wife, our friend, and JB’s mother-in-law, she is the one who keeps things moving around here. Beth can answer a phone call, take an order, pack a box, drink tea, and juggle papers all at the same time!



MelissaMelissa Craig

A long-time team member and friend, Melissa Craig serves as our Director of Student Services. She works for us out of her home office in Indiana and stays busy trying to keep up with her four children—ranging in age from middle school to adult. When not lassoing (er, homeschooling) the children still at home, she oversees The Academy at Bright Ideas Press, writes, researches, edits, and accepts whatever weird, last-minute assignment Maggie gives her. She loves the Lord, her family, music, reading, scrapping, and homeschooling. And she makes the very best chocolate cake in the whole world. (That’s called job security!)



Stacey Lane

Another invaluable member of the Bright Ideas Press team is Stacey Lane, our Direct of Customer Care. Stacey’s many gifts include a highly visual mind that thinks outside the box. When she’s not developing curriculum, writing posts for her blog, or creating folderbooks and notebooking pages for us, she homeschools her own four children. She manages the BIP Facebook page and offers help and encouragement online day and night. She is notoriously, amazingly frugal and has shouted “I’m Debt Free” on the Dave Ramsey show!


SusanBartonDallamSusan Barton Dallam

Susan serves the BIP family as our Chief Operating Officer, playing shortstop for Tyler and Bob with operations, reprint management, finance, marketing, and customer service. Susan met Maggie and Bob early in her homeschool journey, and God planted a seed for our paths to converge years later. Nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, Susan and her family can be found hiking waterfall trails, baking late-night cookies, and giggling through bedtime stories. Susan is also dedicated to political activism and legislative lobbying for educational, parental, and religious freedoms.

Additionally, we have a wonderful group of interns, editors, graphic designers, writers, representatives, and part-time office staff without whom we would be sunk. We’re so grateful for the amazing people God has brought into our lives and our office!

God bless you all –

Maggie Hogan & Team


The whole clan is well-grounded

Clockwise from Top-Left: Christy, JB, Helen, Tyler, Maggie, and Bob