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We get many calls in the office asking if we allow customers to copy pages from our books for a whole co-op or classroom. First, I’d like to say that we really appreciate the fact that y’all are trying to work within copyright law and that if you have questions, you ASK us. That’s really encouraging! A lot of our material would probably be pretty easy to pirate if you wanted to, and it speaks well of your character that you don’t.

Here’s the gist of our permissions. If you still have questions after reading this (or watching the above video), please feel free to call or email for clarification. Thanks!


Single-Family Licenses

You can photocopy or (in the case of digital products such as Illuminations) print anything you want for your own family. (All American History Student Activity Books are included in this statement, although it’s usually less expensive to buy a second consumable workbook than to photocopy every page.) 

You may load the software from CDs or downloads onto more than one family computer and you may keep a back up file. If you purchased a CD, you MAY re-sell it after deleting any copied files from your computer and destroying any backups. You may NOT sell or give-away digital products for which you do not have the original physical CD. If your CD came bound in your book (such as in North Star Geography or The Mystery of History Volume IV), they must be kept or sold together; they may not be sold separately.



Co-op or Classroom Licenses

If it comes on a CD or you can download it from our website, you can purchase a co-op license by calling our office at (877) 492-8081. The price is 2.5 times the retail price and it may then be used for up to 25 students. For example, A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers CD retails for $29.95, so the co-op version would be $74.88. If you have three or more families in your co-op, this will save you money. If you have 25 students in your class, each student is only paying $3.00  instead of the $30.00 they would if they each bought their own copy!


If your classroom or large co-op has more than 25 students, you’ll need to purchase a second license, which is good for another 25 students. (If you have less than 25, you may still use it for that many students. Then, if you teach the same class to a different group of kids later, you can apply those unused slots at that time.)


With books, especially the readers for All American History or The Mystery of History, you can either get a license to reproduce the pages (using the same guidelines as above) or you can place a bulk order. It really depends on if you want to utilize option A or B.

A. Teacher reads selections aloud in class and passes out a few photocopied pages.

B. Each student has their own book to read.


If you want Option B, call the office. We offer a nifty 30% discount to co-ops and classrooms who are purchasing 6 or more of a title. Important notes: there needs to be a single contact person who can give us one Visa or MasterCard for the entire order. The order must ship to a single address. Shipping (within the US) will probably be around $2.00 per book, depending on weight of the book.


I hope this has been helpful to you. We want to make sure that our products are affordable— which is why we keep our prices low, offer bulk or missionary discounts, and provide group licenses. (Also, if you’re interested, we often have scratch-and-dent books in stock which we sell for less. It never hurts to ask!) We really appreciate the great attitudes of the co-op leaders we’ve talked to who want to make sure they’re following copyright laws.



Tyler Hogan and the Bright Ideas Press Team

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