Can you fix my expired download link?

We consistently get questions concerning expired download links. That’s an easy fix. Our links expire 3 days after they’ve been sent. So, if your link has expired, call or email us and we’ll re-send it to you.  If emailing, it would be very helpful if you could be sure to state your name, the date of your order, and your email address.


Is it ok for me to burn my download to a disc?

Yes! Feel free to do so.


How many times may I download a product?

Your download link will allow you to download the product you purchased for you family 3 times.


What if my anti-virus software is giving me trouble?

Sometimes anti-virus software can be a bit over zealous. If you are having trouble downloading our software because of your anti-virus program, the only solution is to turn it off momentarily. We promise that our programs are virus free. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific direction on how to turn the software off because all programs are different, but many of them have a setting or button that disables it for 15 minutes. Others have an on-off switch. Go ahead and temporary disable your anti-virus software, download and install your purchase, and then turn your anti-virus software back on again.

As a disclaimer: While we guarantee our software is virus free, if you turn off your virus protection, you do so at your own risk. Don’t download any other files or visit other websites while your virus protection is off. Bright Ideas is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer.

If your anti-virus program is Norton 360, try these steps.

  1. Open Norton 360.
  2. Click “Tasks.”
  3. Click “Check Security History.”
  4. The file is often listed originally as quarantined, then removed. Look for an option to restore the quarantined file (there will probably be several gloom and doom messages about the danger of doing this, so be sure to restore the correct file).
  5. After restoring the file, it generally goes back to the original folder where you can finish installing it.

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