Lesson 10: Bootstrapping Civilization

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    Tyler Hogan

    The modern “Prepper” movement leads to an interesting study in human geography. “Preppers” are people who do make concerted efforts to prepare for disasters — natural or man-made. Preppers ask the question “If I couldn’t rely on anyone outside my family, what would I need to do and to have in order to survive?” As a result, preppers may keep supplies of non-perishable food, tools, backup electric generators, heirloom seeds for starting a vegetable garden (or a whole farm), weaponry, and many other supplies. They may even boast a nuclear fallout shelter.

    It’s worth a few minutes to consider that question, whether you’re expecting an imminent EMP attack plunging civilization back into the dark ages, or you simply want to be able to get by if the power goes out after a storm.

    Here are some steps to take:

      — Make a list of the emergency supplies your family has on hand.
      — Make a list of natural resources you have available to you (land, water sources, animals, wood, etc.)
      — Make a list of other things you would need in an emergency, keeping Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in mind. Your list might include supplies, tools, equipment, books, or skills you’d like to learn.

    Share your list of thing you might want to acquire below. Feel free to use each other’s lists as inspiration!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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