Our return policy is simple: we want you to be satisfied. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, just return the new, unused item to us within 60 days. Please allow 4 weeks to process your return. Thank you!

Please note that downloadable products are non-returnable and non-refundable. Products on CD may be returned or exchanged if they are damaged, defective, or otherwise unusable.

Note: Shipping costs are not refundable.


For returns, please follow these directions carefully:

  • Item must be in new & re-saleable condition.
  • Item must be one that we still carry.
  • Pack and wrap boxes securely. (Do not use newspaper as “stuffing” as it often leaves ink on the books.)
  • Include a copy of the receipt in the box.
  • Mark the outside of the box: RETURN
  • UPS or Fed Ex or send via USPS insured mail. We are not responsible for damage incurred in returning an item to us.
  • Ship to:

Bright Ideas Press, 539 Blue Heron Road, Dover, DE 19904

Homeschool moms are busy


Bright Ideas gets that. And that’s why we promise to publish Christian-oriented curriculum that will fit into your hectic lives, curriculum that is both affordable and easy-to-use with children of different ages at the same time. Curriculum that busy Moms love! The team at Bright Ideas Press prays that our products and resources will not only help to simplify your life, but also inspire, encourage, and enable you as parents to effectively educate your children.

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