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We do, on occasion, make mistakes (shocking, I know!). If you find a problem (incorrect dates, missing information, typos, and other mix-ups) we’d like to know. Depending on the printing and/or edition of your book/software it may have already been corrected. But if not, we’ll put it in our corrections folder for the next release as well as make mention of it here and on the appropriate Yahoo group. Thanks for your help and your grace.

If you’ve found problems with our publications, software, or the website, we’d be glad to hear about them! Email us at TechSupport (at)

If you want to find out what corrections we are already planning on making (or have made already) for a certain title, click on the link below.

All American History, Volume 1

All American History, Volume 2

Christian Kids Explore Biology

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Christian Kids Explore Physics

Christian Kids Explore Creation Science

The Mystery of History, Volume 1

The Mystery of History, Volume 2

The Mystery of History, Volume 3

The Mystery of History, Volume 4

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Homeschool moms are busy

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Bright Ideas gets that. And that’s why we promise to publish Christian-oriented curriculum that will fit into your hectic lives, curriculum that is both affordable and easy-to-use with children of different ages at the same time. Curriculum that busy Moms love! The team at Bright Ideas Press prays that our products and resources will not only help to simplify your life, but also inspire, encourage, and enable you as parents to effectively educate your children.

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