Does it work on a mac (or PC)?

Yes, because it uses Adobe Reader, it works on any system without a problem. Just make sure you have the latest update to Adobe Reader (10.0 or higher), this will save any complications.

Does it cover the maps I need for The Mystery of History or All American History?

Yes it does! WonderMaps was created not only with hundreds of world maps but also a large selection of historical maps that cover everything you need for MOH I-III* and AAH 1 – 2 (maps also cover both the 1st and 2nd Editions of MOH 1).

WonderMaps even has the MOH and AAH maps specifically set aside, so they are easy to find, print, and use. WonderMaps can take the place of any historical atlas you would use with these programs.

Yes you can. Use the Zoom tool in the View menu to focus on the area you want. When you print your document, select the “print current view” option, and instead of printing the entire page, it will print only the area you’re focused on. This makes the number of maps you can customize nearly endless!

Can I write/type/draw on the map within the program?

At this time, WonderMaps does not support writing or drawing on the maps within the program. If you need to do mark up a map, you’ll need to do so on paper.

You’re missing a map I really want! How do I suggest map additions or corrections?

Submit your form, and it will go right to the development team for their review. [contact-form-7 id=”51789″ title=”Map Contact Form”]
You get bonus points if you provide a source for any historical information you want us to add 🙂

Does WonderMaps work on an iPad?

We haven’t tested it exhaustively to say for sure, but if you have a good PDF reader and ePrinter, it should be possible to copy it over from your computer. It may not work quite right, but it’s worth a shot! Let us know what you find out if you test it. The ePrinter program was developed by the well-known software development company FortySeven and is very popular on many devices.

I want to print out maps for my co-op/classroom/Sunday School/etc. Is that OK?

If you purchase a co-op or classroom license, that’s fine! You can print out maps for up to 25 students per license. Check out our Co-Op & Classroom section for more information.