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I wear many hats at the BIP Office, and one of them is Level 1 Technical Support. When your system is going kerflunky, I’m probably the one you’ll speak with. Not because I’m a wiz or anything, but because I have a calm, encouraging phone voice that reminds you not to panic. If I can not get your problem solved, we do have an awsome Level 2 Technical Support that I can contact for answers. While most people don’t have trouble with our software, we do have some FAQs below for the few who do.

Will your products work on my mobile device?

Our digital products are not currently designed for use on a mobile device with exception of our Kindle offerings.

I upgraded to or updated Windows 10. Why won’t my digital applications work?

The Windows 10 upgrade and updates can reset your default PDF viewer to the Microsoft Edge application, which is not compatible with Bright Ideas Press applications.

If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your PC, you can download it at and then restart your PC.

Once you know you have Adobe Reader installed, go to Control Panel>Programs>Set your default programs. It may take the list a bit to fully load. Find Adobe Reader (please note that this is not the same as “Reader” by Microsoft), then click Choose defaults for this program. When the new screen appears, check the PDF box and Save.

Alternatively you can right click on a simple pdf file in your file cabinet, select Open With, Adobe Reader. In a few moments a message will ask if you wish to set Adobe Reader as your default. Click Yes. Also click Yes to allowing the application to make changes to your computer. Adobe Reader should now be set as your default pdf viewer and your Bright Ideas Press applications should open with full functionality. 

Why has my download link expired?

We consistently get questions concerning expired or missing download links. That’s an easy fix. Our links expire 3 days after they’ve been sent. So, if your link has expired, call or email us and we’ll re-send it to you.  If emailing, it would be very helpful if you could be sure to state your name, order number, the date of your order, and your email address.

Why do I need a password?

If you receive a password request logging into any of our digital products, verify that Adobe Reader is your default pdf viewer.

What if I’m on a Mac?

I’m pleased to say that all the software we publish is Mac compatible. You just need Adobe Reader. In fact, 90% of it was made on a Mac.

How many times may I download a product?

Your download link will allow you to download the product you purchased for your family 3 times.

My computer crashed and I lost my downloadable products – can I get them back?

Absolutely! Give us a call at 877.492.8081 or send an email in our direction. We’ll look up your order and get you a new download link.

My program opens, but I cannot click the links to go anywhere.

1) Avoid Using Preview (Mac users)

Mac users often find that PDF files default to opening in a program called Preview – this is fine for simple image files, but our PDF files are complex and Preview can’t handle them. If Adobe Reader is installed on your Mac, control+click the file you’re trying to open and select Open With—>Adobe Reader. If Adobe Reader isn’t an option, you need to download it by following the instructions below.

2) Update Adobe Reader

The number one problem people have when using our digital materials (Illuminations and WonderMaps, especially) is that they don’t have a recent version of Adobe Reader.

The easy way to check is to open up your version of Reader and under Help click Check for updates.  This little feature can save you much pain and heartache. If your version is less than 10.0, you should get it updated. It’s free. Get it from Install it, reboot the computer, and try again. Nine times out of ten this works.

Don’t forget to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF reader for the future!

Please note: we released Illuminations updates for PC (12/2015) and Mac users (2/2016) to address compatibility issues with Adobe Reader DC. If you need a link to that update, please contact us.

I bought your book at a used curriculum sale, but it doesn’t have the CD. Would you send me a new one or the download link?

While we do not supply additional copies of digital products for the resell environment, most of our digital products are available to purchase separately in our online store. We would be glad to service your digital order. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the product you need, just let us know!

How do I download and install Illuminations?

Step 1: If this is your first Illuminations purchase, you will need to first install the Illuminations scheduling program. This file is called Illuminations.exe if you bought the PC version or if you bought the Mac version. After downloading, some computers open the file automatically and begin installing. If it does not, please find the file you just downloaded and open it. Windows computers will open the installer and require a bit of time. Mac computers do not require installation (the program is already good to go), though we recommend placing Illuminations in your Applications folder.

Step 2: After downloading and installing the Illuminations scheduling program, you are ready to install the module for the year of Illuminations that you purchased. Return to the web page where you can download your purchases and begin downloading Illuminations-Year-[year you purchased].ilmmodule. This is a fairly large file so it can take several minutes on slower internet connections. (We included a lot in Illuminations!)

Again, some computers will automatically begin installing the module when it finishes downloading. If it does not automatically begin, please find the downloaded module and double-click on it to open it. It will automatically open and install in Illuminations. Once you see the screen that says “The module has been installed,” the installation is complete and you can delete the module file. (All the files are now embedded in your computer so the module is just taking up space!)

If you are purchasing additional years of Illuminations, you’ve got a head start! No need to install the Illuminations scheduler program again if you already have it. You can begin with Step 2 and simply download and install the module for the year you just purchased. We hope you love using Illuminations!

You can also see these instructions in our Illuminations tutorial video.

What if Illuminations crashed while installing my module?

Every once in a while, a customer runs into a problem while installing their Illuminations module. An error screen will pop up and when they click “OK,” a window of mumbo jumbo computer language will appear for them to send in our direction. Fortunately, the ways to fix these crashes are very simple! It is almost always one of two problems. In order to get to this error screen, you are already halfway there! Now we just need to help the module install properly. Check if Fix 1 is the fix you need and, if that is not the issue, try Fix 2.

Fix 1: The names for Illuminations modules cannot be changed and still install properly. The proper name should be “Illuminations-Year-[year you purchased].ilmmodule.” When the module is downloaded more than once, computers will automatically add numbers to the end of the file name, usually in parentheses (i.e. “Illuminations-Year-One(1)”). Begin by locating the module files you have already downloaded. (They are usually in your Downloads folder.) If there are any modules for the year you are installing that do not have any additional numbers on the end of the name, double-click that module and it will install properly. If there is a mis-named file, rename it to the original name by eliminating any extra numbers or parentheses. Double-click the renamed file and install. If all your modules are missing, you can log in to your account through the shopping cart on this website and download the Illuminations module again by viewing your recent purchase.

Changing to the proper file name will fix most installation crashes. If the problem persists on a Windows computer, try Fix 2.

Fix 2 (Windows only): First, uninstall Illuminations from your computer. To do this, you will need to go to your Control Panel and click into “Add/Remove Programs.” From here, you can find Illuminations and remove it. After it is finished being uninstalled, reinstall the program. Most likely you still have “Illuminations.exe” in your download folder. You can open this file to save you the hassle of downloading it again. If it is not there, you can log in to your account through the shopping cart on this website, and download “Illuminations.exe” again by viewing your recent purchase. After double-clicking the program installer, Illuminations will install normally. Once it is finished, double-click on the Illuminations module that you downloaded (or you can download this from our website again). It should also install normally and finish with a pop up screen that says “Your module has been installed.” If it crashes again, check Fix 1 once more to confirm that the module file is named correctly. If the problem still persists, give us a call or email the most recent crash log to

Every time I click a button in the Illuminations lesson plans, I am asked if I am sure I want to proceed. Can I turn this safety feature off?

Before following these directions, please realize we are turning off a safety feature of Acrobat Reader. If your computer is sufficiently protected and you are comfortable with this, begin by opening Adobe Reader and opening the preferences (at the top under “Edit” on Windows or under “Adobe Reader” on Mac). Click the “Security (enhanced)” tab on the right (or “General” tab in Adobe Reader X), uncheck the box that says “Enable Protected Mode at startup,” and click “OK.” Quit Adobe Reader, open the Illuminations lesson plans again using the “View Curriculum” button, and you will be able to click through Illuminations freely.

What if my anti-virus software is giving me trouble?

Sometimes anti-virus software can be a bit over zealous. If you are having trouble downloading our software because of your anti-virus program, the only solution is to turn it off momentarily. We promise that our programs are virus free. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific direction on how to turn the software off because all programs are different, but many of them have a setting or button that disables it for 15 minutes. Others have an on-off switch. Go ahead and temporary disable your anti-virus software, download and install your purchase, and then turn your anti-virus software back on again.

As a disclaimer: While we guarantee our software is virus free, if you turn off your virus protection, you do so at your own risk. Don’t download any other files or visit other websites while your virus protection is off. Bright Ideas is not responsible for anything that happens to your computer.

If your anti-virus program is Norton 360, try these steps.

  1. Open Norton 360.
  2. Click Tasks.
  3. Click Check Security History.
  4. The file is often listed originally as quarantined, then removed. Look for an option to restore the quarantined file (there will probably be several gloom and doom messages about the danger of doing this, so be sure to restore the correct file).
  5. After restoring the file, it generally goes back to the original folder where you can finish installing it.

To Sum Things Up…

If you’ve updated your software, can’t download or open anything, or are otherwise just confused, don’t waste time pulling your hair out! Get in contact with us here. That’s what we’re here for.



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