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  • Over our Heads in Wonder – Clearance

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    OVER OUR HEADS IN WONDER: SCIENCE AND THE SKY by Esther Yant A gem of a book! Discover God’s “Wonders in the Sky” and His love and power on earth! With 25+ readings/discussions and 50+ projects/experiments encompassing science, the Bible, writing, math, and language arts, there is no shortage of ideas here! Suitable for multi-level teaching, these “any day, anywhere” assignments utilize common household materials and are organized around the different facets of weather and the sky: clouds, rainbows, sun, stars, snow, wind, storms, and air.

    Paperback 96 pages

    Grades K-5

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  • Student History Notebook of America – Clearance

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    Our Student History Notebook of America, by Maggie Hogan, provides the platform for students to record information, artwork, daily assignments and more in their own personal notebook. Includes pages for essays, drawings, vocabulary, presidents, states and capitals, and much more. The timeline and ten outline maps contribute depth as well as hands-on learning. Detailed instructions provide guidance on implementing this type of self-directed learning. Great addition to any pre-packaged US history curriculum or as the basis for your own US history units.

    Paperback 111 pages

    Grades K-12

    $12.95 $5.18
  • WorldWise Geography Card Games European Version

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    $12.00 $6.00
  • WorldWise Geography Card Games Americas Version

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  • The Scientist’s Apprentice – Clearance

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    This exciting, complete one-year science curriculum is presented in an easily understandable manner and is just as easy to use. Introductory information for the teacher provides guidance. Experiments, games, crafts, recipes, writing, songs and more are used to reach different learning styles. Orderly thinking skills (based on the scientific method) are reinforced throughout.


    $26.95 $10.78
  • Gifted Children at Home —Clearance

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    Are you searching out the best possible options for educating your gifted student? Written by three Christian moms who have chosen to home educate their intellectually gifted children, this book will not only guide you through those perplexing doubts and questions but also wholly encourage you with discerning and dependable answers. The goal of this book is to provide the information and resources that will enable you to make important educational decisions with confidence and success. Topics extensively covered include: assessment; characteristics and learning styles; curriculum considerations; techniques; acceleration/skipping; and much more.

    $24.95 $7.98