North Star Geography

Geography is one of the most undertaught subjects in schools, but in an increasingly global-minded world, it is one of the most crucial topics for us to understand. The study of the earth, its structure, and its inhabitants informs just about everything we do every day. Geography is more than just place names and outline maps—. It'’s understanding how the world around us works!

North Star Geography gives students a deep understanding of how geography impacts all of us —with real-life applications for college, career, citizenship, and ministry.
I see understanding geography as part of understanding how God is working in the world. it gives me insights into how I can partner with God as He unleashes His kingdom over all the earth. Tyler Hogan
Whether you build your own atlas, create unique hands-on projects, dive into a research quest, or set off on a fieldwork itinerary, you will find North Star Geography packed with a wide variety of learning options for every student's interests.

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