All American History

All American History: Uniting America’s Story, Piece by Piece by Celeste Rakes

All American History Homeschool


• Distinctly Christian
• Co-op & family friendly
• Written for 6th–12th grades
• Adaptable for the entire family

Containing tons of pictures, beautiful illustrations, dozens of maps, and key points to remember each week, All American History Volumes I and II comprise a complete two-year curriculum for grades 5–12 (adaptable for younger students as well). Special emphasis is given to the social and cultural aspects of American history.

History is memorable for students when they learn how people in past periods lived: clothing, housing, foods, games, social structures, etc. Much more than a text and workbook, All American History invites you to engage in history studies using all the learning styles.

The Student Reader was written to make both the Student Activity Book and suggestions in the Teacher’s Guide possible without a teacher having to do her own research. The Student Reader presents the facts (as is best possible to discern them) but does not editorialize on the facts. When there is information supporting Christian motivation, references to God/Christ/the church, etc., are included, but information is not stretched in order to promote a particular Christian point of view.

The Student Activity Book will help students:

• gain note-taking skills
• focus on what is important
• become engaged with the information
• improve geographic awareness
• review the information learned
• choose research topics

The Teacher’s Guide is the heart of this course. It includes schedules, timeline information and pictures, forms, book lists, answer keys, games, hands-on projects, and more. For families with elementary-age students, there are adaptations for younger students as well.

Order the Student Reader, Student Activity Book, and Teacher’s Guide as a packaged set and receive a 15% discount!

// All American History Volume I Bundle
// All American History Volume II Bundle

Concerned that using All American History might be too much for your elementary-aged student? Although the program is tweak-able, tweaking takes time. It also takes time to: find coloring pages, create your own notebookpages or folderbooks, plan a simpler schedule, etc. What if we did all that for you? Well, we did.

*Important Note: students using AAH Jr. will NOT need to purchase the Student Activity Book! There is an adapted version included in AAH Jr.



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