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Check out these additional products to enrich your history studies.

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    Civitas card game • learn about world governmentsCivitas card game • learn about world governments

    Civitas: The Government Card Game

    4.91 out of 5

    Civitas is a card game about different forms of government. Pass laws, solidify your leadership, and rule the table in this smart, fast-paced game.

    Mix-and-match the 8 included decks to rule in a:

    • Democracy
    • Monarchy
    • Communism
    • Theocracy
    • Plutocracy
    • Military
    • Republic
    • Anarchy



    • Ages 10 to Adult.
    • Play time: 5 Minutes to an hour.
    • Minimal setup/cleanup.
    • Box includes 225 Playing cards, 12 leadership cards, and simple rules.


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    From Basic to Baghdad

    0 out of 5
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    History and Geography Through Literature (MP3)

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