The Mystery of History Vol I

Creation to the Resurrection


Written by a proponent of making the classical method easier to use. The research has already been done for you!


Have you ever wondered how history fits together? Do you know:

  • What was happening in China when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea?
  • What famous Bible figure lived when the Trojan Horse was built?
  • Who lived in North American about the same time Jeremiah wrote Lamentations?
  • Which Bible figures were contemporaries with Greek thinkers like Socrates and Plato?
  • Learn the answers to thee questions and much more as Bible history and Old World history are interwoven in a beautiful store of God's Sovereignty.


  • Detailed and lively text
  • Week-by-week lessons
  • Unique cumulative review system
  • Historical photos
  • Systematic quizzes
  • Semester and year-end tests
  • Cool projects and activities
  • Timeline and mapping assignments
  • Distinctive "Memory Card" method
  • Reproducible student pages
  • Supplemental reading and video lists

Written for 4th-8th graders but adaptable for the whole family.