The Mystery of History Vol II

The Early Church and the Middle Ages

Classical Written by a proponent of making the classical method easier to use. The research has already been done for you!

Chronological Be it a lesson from Germany, China, Zimbabwe, or Iceland, the author leads students to all corners of the globe in the order that major events occurred there. For example, students will discover that soon after St. Patrick delivered the gospel to Ireland, the Western Roman Empire fell in Europe; Mohammed introduced Islam to the world about a decade after King Arthur rode with his knights; the Vikings ravaged parts of Europe while the Maori settled New Zealand; and Joan of Arc tragically burned at the stake while the Inkas (Incas) were building their golden empire in South America!


Detailed and lively text
Three lessons per week
Weekly timeline and mapping assignments
Photos from around the world
Exercises, quizzes, quarterly worksheets, and semester tests
Distinctive "Memory Card" method
Fun projects and hands-on activities
User-friendly format for new or veteran teachers
Reproducible student pages and outline maps
Supplemental reading and resource lists


"I love the layout, lessons are short and keep the student s attention. There are also multiple activities for various ages at the end of each lesson to reinforce what was just taught." - Laurie S, Co-op Member




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