• The Mystery of History Volume II Cookbook

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    The historical recipes in this cookbook follow the chronology of The Mystery of History Volume II, taking you on a culinary journey through the cultures and times of the Early Church and the Middle Ages. It offers a recipe for each of the 28 weeks of The Mystery of History Volume II, along with ingredient lists, step-by-step cooking instructions, and notes about the foods and customs of the period the recipe represents. Includes printable recipe cards and a geographic index.

  • The Mystery of History Volume II CD Audio Set

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    Savor the rich tapestry of stories found in The Mystery of History Volume II read by author Linda Hobar.  Travel through time as you listen to the journey of our world during the period of the Early Church and the Middle Ages, from the conversion of Paul (about A.D. 31) to the invention of the printing press (1456). Complete and unabridged, this set includes 12 audio CDs with a total listening time of 13 hours, 58 minutes.

  • The Mystery of History Volume II Historical Timeline Figures

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    Resurrection to Revolution (0-1799 AD “ World History)
    This timeline package covers the fall of Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Enlightenment, and more!

    Included in this packet are over 280 detailed figures dating from the Resurrection to the Revolution (0-1799), timelines ready to cut and assemble, suggested instructions for use and display, and a handy reference sheet of all the people and events. Each figure is approx. 2.5-3.5″ tall. They are printed on a quality cover stock for durability. The timelines are printed on red cover stock, denoting this era.

  • HISTORY Through the Ages Timeline Figure CDs

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    Includes all figures from the 4 volumes of HISTORY Through the Ages PLUS 80 bonus figures. Figures are available with either text descriptions or name and date only. They are also available as .pdf pages and individual .gif images and can be resized for a variety of projects. Several search options are available to find the figures you need on the CDs. Figures can be re-sized for use as coloring pages or in other projects. This package is an excellent value!

  • The Student Bible Atlas

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  • Rand McNally Historical Atlas of the World

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    If you don't mind a bumped edge, receive $5 off a scratch and dent copy by using coupon code rmatlas.