• High School writing

    Academic Writing Bootcamp for High School

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    Don’t settle for being a pretty good writer—become an outstanding communicator! Whether you’re polishing a bibliography for that 10-page research paper you just wrote or you’re putting your résumé together for the job fair on Tuesday, college- and career-bound homeschoolers need impeccable writing skills. This workshop will explain what skills colleges and employers expect and give you a game plan for mastering them.

  • Foundations to Writing Program

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    Amazing things can happen when kids who don’t like to write, are afraid to write, or don’t know how to write are given a program that works! Foundation to Writing is a no-stress approach. For the first 18 weeks or more, the student doesn’t even write! To teach writing, you can’t start with actual writing. Because writing is a developmental skill, there is an entire foundation that needs to be laid before we can ask students to write sentences and paragraphs, let alone a research report!

    Foundations to Writing is a program designed specifically for use in Illuminations, and is based on LearningSuccess Writing Program by Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A. and Mariaemma Willis, M.S.

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    English From the Roots Up Volume 1

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  • English From the Roots Up Volume 2

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    Give children a firm foundation in English vocabulary which will stay with them all their lives! You can teach the Latin and Greek root words which are so vital to mastery of English – and you can do it whether you studied Latin or not!

    English From The Roots Up Volume II continues the program begun in Volume I. It gives you 100 new Greek and Latin root words which you can teach to students from elementary school through high school. Pronunciation guidance for Latin and Greek root words on every page.106 pages, softcover, spiral-bound.

  • Natural Speller

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    Writers Workshop

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