Illuminations is in transition. In order to better serve our customers, Bright Ideas Press has decided to sunset the scheduling software and instead focus on better ways to deliver the rich content of Illuminations' schedules and lesson plans.​ Illuminations scheduling software will remain available for purchase up through 9/1/18, however the software will not receive any further updates and we may be limited in providing technical support.
On the plus side, we plan to distribute the best of our signature lesson plans, schedules, and literature study guides outside of the ILM software. Our hope is that a new À la carte ​ model will be more accessible and even easier for families​ to use. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.​

Illuminations is a practical, comprehensive, customizable homeschool curriculum guide with a Christian worldview.

Tired of planning it all yourself? Do you long to teach your kids together at the same time? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the planning you need to do? Do you ever wish you could find all your plans in one place?

Illuminations is your answer!

Illuminations Year One: Creation to the Resurrection Illuminations Year Two: The Early Church to the Middle Ages Illuminations Year Three: The Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Growth of Nations Illuminations Year Four: Exploration to Expansion Illuminations Year Five: The Civil War to the Cold War Illuminations Year Six: Wars of Independence to Modern Times

Illuminations is a practical, comprehensive, customizable curriculum guide, covering Bible, language arts (grammar, writing, copy work, spelling, and vocabulary), literature, science, geography, history, and life skills built to wrap around The Mystery of History series or All American History series. (Math is not scheduled in Illuminations.)  




Illuminations Year 1 Creation to the Resurrection MOH 1
Illuminations Year 2 The Early Church and the Middle Ages MOH 2
Illuminations Year 3 The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations MOH 3
Illuminations Year 4 Exploration to Expansion AAH 1
Illuminations Year 5 The Civil War to the Cold War AAH 2
Illuminations Year 6 Wars of Independence to Modern Times MOH 4

Each year of Illuminations contains lesson plans, guides, and reading schedules for grades 3–12. If you have younger children, they can join in with the older students thanks to the additional teaching ideas for grades K–2.   In Illuminations we've chosen curriculum that you can pick up and use without a lot of advance preparation. Purchase the novels, textbooks, and resources on our book lists, and all of the planning for the entire year is done for you! Use our Illuminations Build-A-Bundle Tool to make purchasing even easier.

Key Features of Illuminations

1. Tweakable Weekly Scheduler

As you can see in the video below, the weekly scheduler is completely customizable. Whether you want to tweak the lessons provided, use a different curriculum from what we suggest, change or move the assignments, add in your own math program, or even include a chore chart or meal plan, the unique schedule grid of Illuminations keeps all of your plans in one place.  


The weekly schedule provides a concise overview of assignments for each subject; the lesson plans provide details.   While high school students are scheduled for five days per week, the lesson plans for grades 3–8 have four-day schedules to provide a day for field trips, supplemental studies, or just catching up.  

2. Literature Study Guides

Our literature guides help you savor the very best historical fiction and classics for each time period. They include discussion questions and activities for all learning styles. You can find a list of required items at the beginning of each guide so you can prepare everything you need ahead of time. Illuminations also provides a collection of hand-crafted graphic organizers and a handy literature evaluation form to grade students' work.  

3. K–12

Illuminations can be used for all your children in grades K–12! Illuminations is broken down into three segments:

  • Early Learners (K–2)
  • Grades 3–8
  • High School

Each segment shares the same history plan, which binds them all together, but has a unique literature plan and curriculum choices that are appropriate for that age range. This feature of Illuminations makes multi-level teaching simple for you and memorable for the students as they study shared topics while still having age-appropriate assignments and hands-on activities.  

4. Reusable

Illuminations is a downloadable curriculum that you can use with as many of your children as you would like -- at the same time or over many years. Software updates are included in your purchase for as long as you own Illuminations. For each student, you simply purchase the resources from the book list that you want to use.   For co-op usage, please contact us for information.

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