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  • Demystifying Learning Styles: What Every Homeschool Parent Needs to Know

    3.40 out of 5

    Helping our children learn can be challenging. Often, the methods that worked for us in school don’t seem to work for our kids. A lesson we review ad nauseam is forgotten the next day, and we’re met with a blank expression or “I don’t remember ever talking about that.” It can feel like we and our kids are speaking different languages while we teach. This book, written by Tyler Hogan, will help you to learn how to teach your child based on their learning style. 90 pages. Available as a digital download.

  • Son Of Charlemagne Family Study Guide

    0 out of 5

    See the rise of Charlemagne and the beginnings of the Holy Roman Empire through the eyes of his son, Carl. Charlemagne—Charles the Great—was a shrewd, sometimes ruthless ruler whose actions gave shape and spirit to Europe, and he created an empire whose ideals lasted from the early 800’s until 1806.

  • The Mystery of History Volume IV Audio Book

    0 out of 5

    The Mystery of History Volume IV to life! Through this 24-disc CD set , you can listen to the professionally recorded stories through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. This final audio set matches and completes The Mystery of History Audio Book series. Complete and unabridged, this set includes 24 audio CDs with a total listening time of 27 hours, 11 minutes.