Christian Kids Explore

Your open door to discovering God's creation

Discover God’s majesty—from a single molecule to an entire universe! Embark on a lifelong quest to know God through His creation with our award-winning series, Christian Kids Explore Science.

Christian Kids Explore Science

Worried that science just isn’t your strongest subject? We understand, and we designed this curriculum with you in mind! As the teacher, you’ll find each book in the Christian Kids Explore series both accessible and intriguing, regardless of your prior science background. Your students will learn to observe, question, and explore our world. Are you ready to plant a true thirst for discovery?

Begin with Biology or Earth and Space, by Stephanie Redmond, for grades 1–6 and share science learning with all your elementary students. Both titles offer:

  • Engaging lessons
  • Gorgeous coloring pages
  • Hands-on activities
  • Memorization lists
  • Review sheets
  • Creative-writing assignments
  • An awesome supplemental book list

Dig deeper with three more texts: Chemistry, Physics, and Creation Science, by Professors Bob and Liz Ridlon, for grades 4–8. Each of these three titles solidly Christian Kids Explore prepares your students for high school science as they build their knowledge and confidence with:

  • 30 lessons
  • Hands-on activities
  • Unit reviews
  • Supplemental book lists

We always keep our busy moms in mind! So we’ve included a supplemental CD in each of these three texts, with daily lesson plans, reproducibles, materials lists, and a bonus literature study guide! Christian Kids Explore is your open door to discovering God’s creation together, at home or in the classroom!

"We really like the Christian Kids Explore Science books. They are easy, fun, and interesting. It is easy to adjust the lessons to whatever pace suits your needs. The material seems to be both biblically and scientifically accurate." - Amanda, Co-op Member


// Also available in braille. Contact us for price and shipping time.