All American History Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

All American History by Bright Ideas Press: Product Reviews by Homeschool Moms

Kris Bales at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
AAH Jr. is the perfect solution for families with both younger and older kids who would like to explore history togetherSee more…
Judy Hoch at Contented at Home
I believe that it is vitally important to study history from a Christian perspective. This is especially true when studying the history of America, a nation founded on Christian principles. While it is entirely possible to use a secular text and discuss the opposing viewpoints with a student, it is so much easier when the text is focused on a Biblical view of history.  See more…
One thing I love about All American History is that each week is centered around just one lesson. Lesson planning is simplified, knowing that we have five days to cover the material in the chapter. See more…
See all of Judy’s posts about All American History.
Amanda Hopkins at Hopkins Homeschool
Yes, I have 3 kids doing two different history eras. It gets difficult at times, but AAH makes it possible for Moe Man to work individually as needed.
As a curriculum addict, finding something that you like AND your child likes, well…that is the best thing in the world. I was happy to see Moe Man just as interested in the books as I was. He is usually one to shrug off a new book or curriculum, but this time he actually stopped and started looking through the books. See more…
We have been looking for something that would be a great fit for both mom and kid, and we have found it! Moe Man loves his history, and most of the programs I looked at just didn’t quite seem to have him interacting as much as I wanted to be. Even though he is working on high school credit, I want him having fun while he is doing it! See more…
Gail Nelson at Learning Tangent Homeschool Magazine
I am so glad to report that All American History is history, very honestly written. The writer brings up the societal issues of the time period being discussed, and this does on occasion include religion where relevant, but it is informational, and educational in its purpose.
The history many of us learned in school was dry and dull, full of names and dates, but nothing to make it personal, to help students connect to history in a meaningful way. We love All American History because the information is presented along with stories that help the kids connect to the people who made history. See more …
Cathy Duffy
This is a distinctly different United States History course that should work very well in homeschool settings. Developed through use in co-op classes, it easily adapts for use with individual children at home as well as for regular classroom use. See more… 
Kris Price at The Old Schoolhouse
I have been looking for a good American History textbook curriculum for my children; All American History isn’t good – it’s great! See more…
Heather Jackowitz at The Old Schoolhouse
One of the best aspects of this curriculum is that Mrs. Rakes includes both social and cultural history. Not only will you learn about wars and presidents, but you also will learn about the food, clothing, music, and literature of the time. My family enjoys this well-rounded approach to history. See more…
Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter
Overall, I found this to be a well-thought out and thorough history curriculum that caters to a variety of learning styles. The activity pages are not overwhelming for the target grade levels, yet really solidify the learning and keep the student engaged during the reading. See more…
Homeschooling Drewper
Sometimes I like to venture out and make up my own stuff, and some times I like all the hard work done for me!!  With this, all the hard work is done for you. See more…



I have been looking for a good American History textbook curriculum for my children; All American History isn’t good – it’s great! What I love most is the map work included in each lesson because that means there is no longer a need to teach geography separate from history. The Teacher’s Guide is so comprehensive and full of such wonderful suggestions for further study that I am planning on using this curriculum in high school as well. Many people think that textbooks can be dry and boring, but I found All American History interesting reading due to the “Atmosphere – Event – Impact” layout of each lesson; it put everything together for me. No matter the method of instruction that you are using: traditional textbook, Charlotte Mason method, unit study or the Classical approach-there is something for everyone in All American History!

– Kris Price –  The Old Schoolhouse Reviewer


All American History, Volumes 1 and 2, is the best history program I have used for middle school and high school.  The text is so interesting that I like to read it to my children, even though they are old enough to read it themselves.  The Student Activity Book reinforces the text in a fun way.  We also do a time line where we use the pictures and short articles the children write about the time period.  I would recommend this history curriculum to anyone.

– Kathy


Never in twenty years have we offered an American history curriculum so complete, so captivating, and so well-conceived. Similar in many ways to the highly popular The Mystery of History series, All American History is far more engaging than any dreary textbook. It is Timberdoodle’s Favorite American History Program!

– from “Timberdoodle – Core Curriculum Series”



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