The Mystery of History  Series (MOH)


I think when mom/dad is excited about learning it rubs off. I truly have NEVER learned geography so well as I have during the course of  The Mystery of History ! And not mundane pointless geography, but PEOPLE/EVENT related geography. When we’ve been away from home and wanted to refer to a country off the Mediterranean, I literally can hold up the back of my hand (Which represents the Mediterranean Sea) and we can all locate the countries surrounding it. To me, that is astounding!

– Jennifer


I use MOH with my 12 and 13 year olds and it is perfect for that age. Love the tests and all that keeps them involved and learning. They love that I do the “work” of reading. The sewing board idea was great last year, they enjoyed making their own figures for it.

– Ruth


My kids are 1st and 2nd grade, and I think MOH is perfect. This is the only curriculum that I have found (and trust me, I have purchased many) that teaches history chronologically that is easy-to-use and doesn’t go right over my kids’ heads. I want to teach my kids with a classical approach, but nothing else out there was cutting it.

– Heather


We are doing The Mystery of History II for middle school. My children LOVE doing quizzes “jeopardy style” and look forward to each project. Even the quarterly review is fun! It clarified the first and second Jewish Revolt for me. The short, concise, clear reasons for the Fall of Rome are memorable!

– Cathy


We’ve now  completed MOH1 and 2. I have tried a number of other history/soc. studies curricula/approaches. This has been completely mom and kid-friendly, and very adaptable to what I have felt fit us in a given season.

– Sara


I chose this series because of the strong Biblical worldview. Linda Hobar weaves Biblical history so beautifully into secular world history that for the first time “I” understood them as one story—not two.

– Barbara-Sue


The Mystery of History definitely covers History and Geography better than anything I’ve ever seen! I’ve looked at a lot of material and this is the best for us that I have found.

– Tammie


You can use certainly use The Mystery of History  for a high school credit. Use the book list to require extra reading at high school level as well as for reports, essays, and compare/contrast papers.

– Cathy

On the Christian Kids Explore Science Series (CKE)

Biology, Earth & Space, Chemistry, Physics

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE Christian Kids Explore Biology!! Need I say more?! I browsed through the whole book and WOW I think with some creativity and outside resources I will easily get 2 years out of this one book. I am so excited! Like a kid in a candy shop!

– Inga


My daughter (5th grade) absolutely loves this CKE science program and I wish we had the time to do it every day as well. Between MOH and CKEB, I have never seen her so “in” to any particular academic subject.  These were the best decisions I think I have ever made in regards to curriculum choices.

– Robin


Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space can be challenging enough for your 6th grader. My sons have done Apologia General Science in 7th and the CKE books prepared them well.

– Peggy


I used CKEB this school year for my 6 and 10 year olds. They loved it! It is very adaptable to both these ages. You have the opportunity to touch on subjects a little and then dig deeper into them as the interest is there. My girls did the ABC Mammal notebook this year and loved trying to outdo each other coming up with different animals for each letter. I highly recommend it.

– Pam


My daughter and I wrapped up our year with CKEB yesterday with the release of our Painted Lady butterflies. We had such a blast with this curriculum and we both learned a LOT!! I can’t tell you the number of times I’d be reading aloud to her and stop to say “Hmmm, I never knew that!”  It is just the right mix of reading and hands-on for us.

– Terry


We are on week 3 of CKEB and we are LOVING it!  It’s a deceptively easy curriculum. I mean that my daughter is having so much fun with it that she doesn’t realize that she’s learning science!  I love it!

– Terrie


My kids are loving CKE and MOH. This is the way homeschooling was meant to be!

– Kathy


On WonderMaps

I am a map junkie, and can confidently say that your software puts the other big names in homeschool maps to shame (I should know – I have them all!).  I feel so blessed to get to review the program.  My map loving kids are deliriously happy!

– Laura Delgado, Ph.D.


Wonder… indeed!  I watched a little-boy face beam in wide-eyed wonder as we clicked on maps of treaties, explorers and ancient times. We carved out waterways, labeled cities of intrigue and layered present-day comparisons to battles won and lost. Last year, with little advanced notice or preparation, my son asked to participate in our regional National Geography Bee.  Now, as we explore the world of… the world through… WonderMaps, my little geography lover proclaimed, “I am SO going to win this year!”

– Susan – at TheHomeschoolVillage.com


I am always impressed with products from Bright Ideas Press, but WonderMaps has far exceeded my expectations. WonderMaps offer over 350 maps under such titles as “The World,” “The United States,” “Historical Maps,” and “Thematic Maps.” I have not seen any mapping curriculum with as many maps or features as WonderMaps. It is quite possibly the only geographical mapping program you will need as it complements any geography unit wonderfully. I highly recommend WonderMaps!

– Review by Hearts at Home Mom – Bridgette Taylor


The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Award:

As the 2010-2011 Crew year comes to a close, we are once again presenting awards to our vendors. The awards are known as the TOS Homeschool Crew Blue Ribbon Awards.
Favorite Social Studies Product = Bright Ideas Press: WonderMaps

All American History Volume 1 and 2


I have been looking for a good American History textbook curriculum for my children; All American History isn’t good – it’s great! What I love most is the map work included in each lesson because that means there is no longer a need to teach geography separate from history. The Teacher’s Guide is so comprehensive and full of such wonderful suggestions for further study that I am planning on using this curriculum in high school as well. Many people think that textbooks can be dry and boring, but I found All American History interesting reading due to the “Atmosphere – Event – Impact” layout of each lesson; it put everything together for me. No matter the method of instruction that you are using: traditional textbook, Charlotte Mason method, unit study or the Classical approach-there is something for everyone in All American History!

– Kris Price –  The Old Schoolhouse Reviewer


All American History, Volumes 1 and 2, is the best history program I have used for middle school and high school.  The text is so interesting that I like to read it to my children, even though they are old enough to read it themselves.  The Student Activity Book reinforces the text in a fun way.  We also do a time line where we use the pictures and short articles the children write about the time period.  I would recommend this history curriculum to anyone.

– Kathy


Never in twenty years have we offered an American history curriculum so complete, so captivating, and so well-conceived. Similar in many ways to the highly popular The Mystery of History series, All American History is far more engaging than any dreary textbook. It is Timberdoodle’s Favorite American History Program!

– from “Timberdoodle – Core Curriculum Series”


On Illuminations


I feel so blessed to have found this curriculum, it’s unabashedly Christian, well formatted, teaches history chronologically, integrates living books, pre-planned, comprehensive, uses non-consumable materials, and is multi-age. After having looked over several well-known history programs, this is the one I’ve always dreamed of!



I just love it! The overall feel of Illuminations IS structured, yet the lessons within each subject emphasize hands-on activities and videos and reading aloud…making things. This curriculum is a wonderful blend of fun and function. Throughout this experience, I have really enjoyed having the customizable schedule “grid” at my fingertips. With a click of a button, I change or update my schedule plans.  I want to say that I am incredibly impressed with their literature choices and study guides.

– Quinn



On Maggie Hogan and Bright Ideas Press

Dear Maggie,

You’ve been a true blessing and help. Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle, especially in regard to the ever-changing and ever-growing curriculum market. It often feels like a struggle to get information or support.

You have a true ministry; not just a business. I appreciate this so much. It has made me look forward to using more of your publications with my children, and I feel confident when I recommend your works. Again, thank you.



Dear Maggie,

I want you to know that I am delighted to have made your acquaintance.  I found you not only to be a knowledgeable and great source of information (Guiding Your Gifted Student) your love of the Lord actually radiates through you. You are an easy and inspiring person to talk to and I enjoyed your company throughout the week.



Hi Bob and Maggie,

I don’t expect you to remember me, but I just wanted to write and thank you for the impact you have had on my life. We met in S Florida at Maggie’s workshop in the spring of 2002. That was the beginning of my growing into becoming a better educator… stepping into the world of chronological history studies and letting go of “canned curricula (textbooks).” Thanks for your testimony. It may seem like nothing to you, but God used you in my life. Well, thanks again for your impact and for your ministry!



Dear Bright Ideas Press,

I can’t say enough about the retreat last year and how it blessed me.
Maggie Hogan certainly filled my cup to over-flowing with her thoughts, experiences, & words of wisdom. It was just the thing I needed at that moment in my life.



Dear Maggie,

Thank you for all the time, effort, prayer and receiving of God’s grace to put out these resources. Your efforts are blessing many, many, many children —and their families!



I’ve never seen such a responsive company – the curriculum developers are right there to answer questions, listen to feedback, and more.  It’s wonderful.  Of course, many users are there as well to offer advice, help, and to share experiences.  In fact Bright Ideas Press is made up of a team of homeschooling parents who have over 30 years of combined experience, so they have a good idea of what homeschoolers need.



Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the new products!!!! I LOVE the digital download options and the lap-books! You ladies are on the right track with this curriculum and I’m excited to use the new products!!




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