The Mystery of History Volume IV Audio Book

The Mystery of History Volume IV Audio Book


The Mystery of History Volume IV to life! Through this 24-disc CD set , you can listen to the professionally recorded stories through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. This final audio set matches and completes The Mystery of History Audio Book series. Complete and unabridged, this set includes 24 audio CDs with a total listening time of 27 hours, 11 minutes.

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Since The Mystery of History, Volume IV was first published in 2014, students of all ages have enjoyed“Wars of Independence to Modern Time” spanning three centuries of incredibly valuable history from 1708 to 2014.

Now, you can listen to these timeless stories on CD—through the voice of the author. With text in hand, you can read along with Linda Hobar as if she is sitting right next to you. Without the text, you can sit back and listen to the stories set to theatrical background music (with occasional sound effects!) Imagine, with hands-free from the textbook, students can color while they listen or take notes for further discussion. In co-op or Sunday school, in the car or at bedtime—there are numerous ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.

(These audio CDs contain narrated lessons only and do not include pretests, activities, quizzes, exercises or similar items found in the textbooks.)<

Includes 24 audio CDs with a total listening time of 27 hours, 11 minutes.

How many volumes are in The Mystery of History series?

  1. Volume I Creation to the Resurrection: Creation-AD 29 — Pre-order the 3rd Edition now
  2. Volume II The Early Church and the Middle Ages: AD 30-1460
  3. Volume III The Renaissance and Growth of Empires: AD 1461-1707
  4. Volume IV Revolutions, Rising Nations, and the Present day: AD 1708-Present Day

How does MOH work for all ages?

At the end of each lesson, there are activities created specifically for elementary, junior high, and high school users. The lessons are written at a 4th-8th grade level, so it is simple enough for young users to understand while still containing plenty of scholastic information for the older students. By choosing hands-on activities and projects that are appropriate for the student’s age, you could have a Kindergartener and High School student studying together!

Are all of the supplemental resources required?

Yes and no. We created the supplemental resources to enhance your experience with MOH. We want history to be as memorable, practical, and easy-to-use as possible. Most of them are not required, but we do highly recommend them. There are a few things you will need though, including a good historical atlas and a Bible atlas, and both the Reader and Companion Guide are necessary for Volume III, Volume IV has the Companion Guide included. 

Is MOH meaty enough for high school students? Could it work as our American history course?

Yes! MOH is very adaptable to any age. Along with the appropriate activities provided for high school students, you may choose to supplement these with additional essays, reading, or related projects. This will work to fulfill high school credit requirements.

Yet, we do not suggest you use MOH as an American History course because it covers history all over the world, not America specifically. If you are looking for an interactive American History course, check out All American History.

I’ve heard of a lot of people who supplement MOH with other curricula. This makes me nervous. Is MOH not enough?

MOH is plenty on its own, it is a complete curriculum. There are several reasons people supplement. Some parents supplement to meet the needs of their children’s extreme interest levels. Others are striving to meet different learning styles of their children. Some homeschoolers are simply “curriculum junkies” (we have some on our staff!) who have trouble stopping at just one and not using everything that’s out there.

Will MOH work well for my co-op?

Yes! MOH is straightforward enough that it is simple to use in a co-op setting. The activities and other supplemental resources you can get a hold of are great for multiple users. You can even purchase in bulk and receive a 30% discount or look into getting a hold of a co-op license to save in costs.

What’s new in the second edition of Volume 1?

We have made some wonderful changes to this classic text. For starters, we have:

  • Updated the lessons to reflect the most current research,
  • Included additional teacher support information,
  • Added answer key maps for the geography component,
  • Changed or added new illustrations for many lessons,
  • Added 114+ pages of information, activities, resource lists, and more!

I need advice on how to do a timeline or complete an activity. What do other families do?

If you need advice on how other families do things, connect with us on our Facebook page or in one of our Facebook groups! It’s a great place to ask your questions and interact with other families using The Mystery of History!


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The Mystery of History-Linda Hobar

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